Sunday School Teachers Books :

Beginner 1st Year:
God's LOVE - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-

Beginner 2nd Year:
Bible Stories I Love To Hear – Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Beginner 3rd Year:
God's Plans For Me - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Primary 1st Year:
First Bible Stories - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Primary 2nd Year:
Brave Bible Heroes - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Primary 3rd Year:
Following God - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Junior 1st Year:
From Adam to Moses - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Junior 2nd Year:
From Joshua to Solomon - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Junior 3rd Year:
Kings and Prophets - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Intermediate 1st Year:
The Christian Life - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Intermediate 2nd Year:
Christ & His Church - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Intermediate 3rd Year:
God's Plan of the Age's - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Senior 1st Year:
The Bible - My Christian Life - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Senior 2nd Year:
Christ - My Christian Life - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-
Senior 3rd Year:
Church - My Christian Life - Teacher
Price Rs.70/-

Sunday School Students Work Books :

BEGINNER: 3 Years Curriculum (NURSERY to 1st Class)
For I year
1/1 & 1/2 God's Love, Bible Children
Price Rs.12/-
1/3 & 1/4 Stories of Jesus, Pleasing God
Price Rs.12/-
For II year
2/1 & 2/2 Bible Stories: I Love To Hear
Price Rs.12/-
2/3 & 2/4 Jesus and His Friends & Living together Happily
Price Rs.12/-
For III year
3/1 & 3/2 Bible Friends & God's Gift
Price Rs.12/-
3/3 & 3/4 Jesus our Loving Helper & Father's Plans
Price Rs.12/-
PRIMARY: 3 Years Curriculum (2nd, 3rd & 4th Classes)
For I year
1/1/ & 1/2 First Bible Stories& First stories of Jesus
Price Rs.12/-
1/3 & 1/4 Stories of Joseph & Stories of Moses
Price Rs.12/-
For II year
2/1 & 2/2 Old Testament Stories & Words and Deeds of Jesus
Price Rs.12/-
2/3 & 2/4 Stories of David & Stories of Kings & Prophets
Price Rs.12/-
For III year
3/1 & 3/2 stories of God Servants & Learning from Jesus
Price Rs.12/-
3/3 & 3/4 Lord Jesus and His disciple Peter & Stories of Paul
Price Rs.12/-
JUNIOR : 3 Years Curriculum (5th, 6th & 7thClasses)
For I year
1/1 & 1/2 Stories of Beginning & Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Price Rs.12/-
1/3 & 1/4 Joseph, Job, Moses & Wilderness experiences
Price Rs.12/-
For II year
2/1 & 2/2 Occupying Promise Land & Adventures in Promise Land
Price Rs.12/-
2/3 & 2/4 First kings of Israel & David and Solomon
Price Rs.12/-
For III year
3/1 & 3/2 Stories from the book of Kings & Stories of Prophets
Price Rs.12/-
3/3 & 3/4 Days of oppression of Hebrews & Heroes of the Faith
Price Rs.12/-
INTERMEDIATE : 3 Years Curriculum (8th, 9th & 10th Classes)
For I year
1/1 & 1/2 The Wonderful Word & Jesus the teacher
Price Rs.12/-
1/3 & 1/4 Jesus the saviour & Christian Life
Price Rs.12/-
For II year
2/1 & 2/2 The Love of God & The Light of the World
Price Rs.12/-
2/3 & 2/4 First Christian Church & First Christian Pioneers
Price Rs.12/-
For III year
3/1 & 3/2 God has A Plan & God's Plan Revealed
Price Rs.12/-
3/3 & 3/4 God's Plan Completed & God's Plan for my life
Price Rs.12/-
For I year
1/1 & 1/2 Know Your Bible & Secrets of True Greatness
Price Rs.12/-
1/3 & 1/4 The Most Challebging Life & Answers to Life’s Problems
Price Rs.12/-
For II year
2/1 & 2/2 Christ Meets Men & Christ for Me
Price Rs.12/-
Young Adults
Others Book

KVS Material



1.Easter Series

  1. Last Supper
  2. Judas Betrays Jesus
  3. Crucifixion & Jesus in the Tomb
  4. Resurrection

2. Joseph Series

  1. The story of Joseph
  2. Joseph’s brother goes to Egypt
  3. Joseph forgives his brother
  4. Joseph becomes a slave
  5. Jacob’s family moves to Egypt

3. Elisha helps the Widow
4. Jonah’s Story
5.Abraham’s faith
6.King Josiah
7.Boy Samuel
8.The Lord speaks to Samuel
9.Daniel and his friends
10.Noah’s Series
1) Building the Ark
2)The Big Flood
3)The First Rainbow

11.David Series
1)David and the Sheep
2)David plays his Harp
3)David and Goliath
4)David’s respect for king Saul
5)David and Jonathan
12. Moses Series
1) God speaks to Moses
2) Moses and Aaron visits Pharaoh
3)Ten Plagues
4)Food from Heaven

English Books Available @ Telugu CEEFI




Visual Aids/ Flash Cards (By Kraistava Vidya Seva, KVS)

BEGINNER: 3 Years Curriculum (NURSERY to 1st Class)
  God and His Friends: Set of 45 teaching cards with Book Rs. 675/-. A VBS hand book . It tells of the Seven great time divisions of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Book only Rs.25/-
  Good Shepherd: Set of 10 teaching cards with Book Rs.150/- . Lessons on the Life of David and on Christ book only – Rs. 20/-
  Good Soldier: Set of 35 teaching cards with Book. Lessons on the life of Joshua and on Ephesians Chapter 6 on the whole armour of God. Useful for VBS. Rs.525/- Book only Rs.20/-
  The Story of Adam and Eve: Set of 6 teaching cardswith script. Gives the story of creation and fall of man, application and Gospel, Rs.90/-
  Gospel Posters: ( Telugu or English ) Tells how a man chained to sin by Satan can be saved by the Blood of Jesus, by believing and receiving. Set of 7 teaching cards. Rs. 105/-
  Pilgrim’s Progress: Set of 64 teaching cards with Script Rs. 970/- shows the journey of a christian from the City of Destruction to the Holy City.
  Balaam , the foolish Prophet: Set of 13 teaching cards Rs. 195/- teaches that money is the root of all evil.
  Bompo finds freedom: Set of 12 teaching cards. Rs. 180/- Life of a small African Slave boy who not only finds freedom from slavery but also from sin.
  Crippled Tom: Set of 12 teaching cards Rs. 180/-. Life of a crippled boy who was faithful in spreading the Gospel though confined to his bed.
  Human Heart: Set of 5 teaching cards Rs. 75/- Tells the state of the Human Heart before and after repentance.
  David Livingstone: Set of 20 cards, Script Rs. 300/-
  Bible way of Salvation: Set of 10 Lessons 44 Cards. Rs. 670/-
  Learning to Grow: Set of 12 Lessons 33 Cards – Rs. 495/-
  Learning to Pray: Set of 12 Lessons 59 cards – Rs. 885/-
  Learning to Give: Set of 7 Lessons 55 cards – Rs.825/-
  I Dare: Set of 20 cards – Rs. 300/-
  Fanny Crosby: Set of 24 cards – Rs. 370/-
  So send I You: Set of 7 Lessons 37 cards – Rs. 555/-
  Men God used: Set of 3 Lessons, 23 cards – Rs. 345/-
  Count Zin Zen Dorf: Set of 6 Cards – Rs. 90/-
  William Carey: Set of 8 cards – Rs. 120/-
  Adoniram Judson: Set of 5 cards – Rs. 75/-
  Mary Slessor: Set of 7 cards – Rs. 105/-
  Jonathan Goforth: Set of 12 cards – Rs. 180/-
  George Muller: Set of 6 cards – Rs. 90/-
  Hudson Taylor: Set of 5 cards – Rs. 75/-
  Little Boat: Set of 9 cards – Rs. 135/-
  Sunil’s Victory: A story based on a true experience. Suitable for Juniors and Intermediates – Rs. 20/-
2  The Story of Creation: Booklet in colour – Rs. 12/-
  Pedda Tappu, Pedda Oda: Booklet in colour, it tells the story of Noah – Rs. 12/-
  Black Board cum Flannel graph Board – Rs. 350/-
  Panditha Ramabai: Set of 30 Cards - Rs. 450/-
  Mary Jones and Her Bible: Set of 23 Teaching cards with Book - Rs. 345/-

Library: There are nearly 1000 stories with flash cards, Charts, flannel graph pictures with Scripts covering the entire Bible, puppets and various missionaries life stories are available at Kraistava Vidya Seva, KVS. We provide these stories/materials on rent basis for Sunday schools who become members of KVS Library. For details you can contact KVS/Telugu CEEFI office.

Seminar Hall for Rent

The Lova Bush Memorial Training Center (LBMTC) is built with the resources provided by Ms. Lova Bush of CIGM, through KraistavaVidyaSeva Trust and is a great blessing from God. It is intended to be used solely for HIS work and HIS glory.
1) This Seminar Hall has a seating capacity of 50 chairs with tables or 100 chairs (without tables) with attached Wash Rooms for both Gents and Ladies separately. 
2) This hall is aptly suitable for Conferences, Worship Services, Seminars and Prayer meetings.
Rent Charges:
Rs. 2,500/- only for five hours program.
Rs. 5000/- only for 8 to 10 hours program.
PA System (Mikes, speakers) :Rs. 500/- (Extra)
LCD Projector: Rs. 1000/- (Extra)
Additional Rs. 500/- for cleaning for any program.

Terms and Conditions:

    • The hall is to be reserved at least 3 days prior to the day of program.
    • A caution deposit of Rs. 5000/- (or double the rent charges) is to be paid in advance which will be later adjusted in the final bill.
    • Any breakage of glass or Chairs or Tables or Electrical or any other utilities should be compensated or replaced with the new one by the user. Any damages by any member in your group will be billed in the final billing. No equipment shall leave the premises at any time.
    • We will provide drinking water and disposable glasses at free of cost.
    • We do not give this hall for rent to any non-Christian organizations and to any other cult groups. So the user should mention his/her denominational affiliation or Statement of faith crisply and clearly.
    • Cleanliness of the premises should be maintained during Tea/Snack breaks/ Lunch/ Dinner by properly using the dust / garbage bins.
    • You should vacate the hall immediately after the program is completed as prescribed by you in the Hall Reservation Request Form. No additional time is given than the prescribed time duration.


    Click Here to View / Download LBMTC Hall Reservation Request Form

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